2020 Feelin' Good® Mileage Club® - Program Cancelled

Every year, Sparrow offers the Feelin' Good® Mileage Club® to schools in our 8-county service area, encouraging children to become more physically active. With the current COVID-19 pandemic throughout Michigan, we are putting the health and safety of students first and cancelling the 2020 Feelin' Good® Mileage Club® program.

This is a first for Sparrow. Sparrow has offered the program for over 20 years without fail and had expected to launch in schools on April 13 and end May 29. We are sorry to have to cancel this year's program, which included 109 participating schools with nearly 18,000 Mid-Michigan students, PK - 6th grade, registered to participate.

This organized school-based walking/running club is vitally important because it helps reduce playground hassles, increases kids' learning readiness, and fights obesity while teaching them healthy habits. Overall, participants collectively walk nearly 300,000 miles during the 7-week program! Thanks to Sparrow, the program is offered to schools in our service area at no cost.

We are happy to say that Sparrow plans to offer the Feelin' Good® Mileage Club® in spring 2021 and we hope you will register your student(s) to participate in the program. We encourage you and your student(s) to be active at home and continue building healthy habits.

Be safe and stay healthy!

Shawn Rottiers
Supervisor, Sparrow Health and Wellness

Regular physical activity helps kids:

  • Build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints.
  • Control weight, build lean muscle and reduce fat.
  • Improve their sense of self-image and autonomy.
  • Foster healthy social and emotional development.
Source: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.